A Dream- The Travel Blogger


Ever been a wanderer?
Ever questioned your existence?
Ever saw beyond the truth?
Ever been the rule breaker?

Those orbs yearn for it.
The escape they need.
She believed in them.
Not her heart, not her mind.

Existing was not enough.
Proving it was!
Her soul was jaded.
She wasn’t!

I have questioned my existence for a long time now. It’s just so cliche to think that you might be crazy to the core just because you want to travel. Reside in different places of the world at the same time. Reach the zenith and beyond. Lower your guards and fall free. Take a leap of faith and let loose.

It’s like an awakening when you finally know your purpose. When you finally know what you want to achieve in your life. Set sails beyond your imagination and enter the world of endless possibilities. I am on the path. Not yet there. But there will be a time when my thirst for wanderlust be sufficed. Baby steps!

My journey begins!!


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